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It is with a broken heart that I update my lil man's page one final time. On June 14th, 2017 Braelyn Makhi Tucker passed away. We have not kept this page updated, instead using Facebook to update those following his journey. While we grieve for the loss of such an amazing little boy, we also are eternally grateful to have known and loved him. He inspired and moved so many people. This page will remain and hope it, like Braelyn will continue to reach and touch anyone who finds their way here.

Braelyn's Celebration of Life video

Copied from Momma Christy's FB post...

I don't know what life is like without you & I never wanted to imagine it. I didn't want to wake up to this reality. You were my everything. We did everything together. We prayed together, we worshipped together. We laughed & cried together. We experienced life together. Every high & low moment we went through it together. We overcame together. You were such a special child. An Anointed child. The epitome of a young man after God's own heart. My only child. All I ever wanted was to give you the best life possible & I did it with joy & passion. I made sure you Lived Fully! You gave me the best nine years. You brought me so much joy & happiness. You were so perfect to me through sickness & all. I loved everything about you.

When you were diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2015; I had no idea that 2years later...my life would change forever. You don't have to suffer anymore baby, no medications, no doctor appointments, no heart caths, countless needle sticks. No more suffering.
3 days ago out of no where while you & I were in Walmart....you started singing these words: "I'm in heaven with Jesus, I'm in heaven with Jesus. Me & My momma are in heaven with Jesus. My Momma...is always in my heart" ....i immediately stopped in my tracks & I said: "Braelyn where did you get that song from" & you smiled & replied, "Momma, I made it up" ....it didn't dawn on me then I but I now know that you were trying to tell me you getting ready to leave me. Even then, I now know that God was preparing you to prepare my heart for such a major loss. Over the last days you were so intentional with telling me you love me. You were literally were telling me non stop. Over & over again.

We had the most perfect day yesterday. We went to explore a farm together yesterday. Ironically afterwards, you requested chicken wings for lunch & you were specific on exactly where you wanted chicken. Everything was going great. Last night, you said mama, "I wanna take a bath, I wanna be clean" ...so I gave you a warm bath, I got you out the tub, you sat on the floor & put your pjs on....& suddenly everything took a turn. You passed out & mommy tried Everything to save you. I tried so hard but I knew this time was different. The paramedics came & rushed you away.

At 10:26pm Lebonheur pronounced you. And my heart broke in a million pieces.

I held you & prayed over you one last time.M y faith is strong but I cried out to God to continue to be my strength. I'm leaning on HIS understanding...Now more than ever. I gave him glory right beside the hospital bed because I know heaven is rejoicing & I know where you are sitting.
At the right hand of our father. The place we ALL wanna go one day. The best gift I could have ever given you was introducing you JESUS.

I held you, cried & promised that I was gonna live for you Braelyn...even though I don't know what that feels like right now or where to start. Its hard. I loved you so much & you were loved by so many.
I wasn't gonna make this post so soon but word is already traveling. All I ask is that you respect my privacy during this time & bare with me. Understand, I'm still processing this myself & it's overwhelming. More than anything I need prayer in these days to come. Pray my strength &. Comfort. I haven't began making arrangements but there will without doubt be a celebration of his life. We are gonna have CHURCH!! Braelyn wouldn't want it any other way. He impacted so many at such a tender age. He had a heart & passion for Jesus. He was on Fire for our Lord & Savior!
I love you Braelyn. You will always be the best son a mother could ever have. Hands down you gave me the best nine years...& my life will never be the same..

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